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August 14, 2009


Could you ever love a robot? A computer? Would it ever be ‘normal‘ to love a robot baby? A robot human? Would human/robot human relationships be wrought with stigma? If it is considered unnatural, why?

If you could upgrade parts of a robot, would it be the same robot? If you assembled all the old parts would you have two robots the same? How many parts would you have to change before it became a new robot?


Battlestar Galactica Week

January 19, 2009

I hate Battlestar Galactica. I hate it because I know one day soon it will end. Every episode I watch brings leaves me with one less. However, not to be too despondent I have for no especially good reason, except maybe that the final run has started, chosen this week to be ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ week.

In order to be part of this momentous occasion you may want to do the following…

  • Replace all expletives with “Frack“.
  • Reassure everyone that whatever is going on is apart of “God’s Plan“. Not sure how do do this? Ask Sarah Palin.
  • Only respond to your Viper call sign. Make sure it sounds imposing…like ‘Husker‘…no wait…’Hotdog‘…Well at least make sure it is original, like ‘Kat‘…Okay, pick whatever you want. Good luck explaining this one to everyone.
  • Imagine Tricia Helfer is your own personal Jesus.
Make me a believer...

Make me a believer...

  • Suspect everyone of being a cylon.
  • Especially yourself.
  • Any confusion that occurs is due to DRAIDUS interference.

People’s reactions are priceless. This should cause at least a few frightened looks.

Back from space and to the music

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