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No one knows where we’re heading to…

October 31, 2009


You seem so glad my place is free
Now you’re dancing on my grave
What a cruel way to treat a friend

Live my life in dignity
Well I must confess
Looking for a place

Everybody has to demonstrate
And everybody has to see you wait
Thinking of
a real way to see

What matters is the love that you give
Remember all the thing that you’ve seen
Does another
go and never seen

Nothing in my forgotten years
Life got a little serious
Give me real self-esteem

It’s buried in my P-A-S-T
Give a lot, a whole lot recieved
Heaven-sent T.N.T

Uh, can’t go further, losing…

I cant go losing my mind
Remember all the game have I tried
Buried in
my P-A-S-T

Phoenix played at Brixton Academy a few nights ago. It was an experience. Playground Love along with Funky Squaredance were two of the multitude of highlights.


What an original idea…

October 29, 2009

Like everyone else on the internet I thought it would be a great idea to start designing t-shirts.

This first t-shirt might as well be my motto. I’m surprised by just how not crappy it looks. You half expect these things to look like back splash after you spread your brains all over the wall.

Here’s one I put a little more thought into.

After some more thought I’ve decided to chuck this on the one day wonder pile. Yeah, making t-shirts is easy but even if you can somehow make a good one about several million people are going to be making better ones.