Crisis of Consumer Conscience

January 6, 2009

I stood in a shop yesterday with Saints Row 2, on sale,  in my hands. I’ve been grinding to get this ever since I saw Destructoid’s video review. While in the line two things happened…

If GTAIV remembered to be fun?

If GTAIV remembered to be fun?

First, I noticed someone buying FIFA 08 when I saw it for almost half the price down the street. I was thinking of telling them. Is that a bit stalkerish? They were almost within leaning distance, but not quite. Did they deserve to pay more because they didn’t check around? They didn’t look like they were on a rush, at 2 pm, on a Monday. Was it my duty as a likeminded consumer to help? I don’t know. I did nothing.

Are you defined by your actions?

Are you defined by your actions?

Then, I decided to not buy the game. I put down crotch stompingly fun Saints Row 2. Did I really need it? I mean that in the holistic sense. Obviously I don’t need it like I need, say, water or ritalin. I decided I didn’t, put it back on the shelf and went home. We should all consume less, this pitiful bit of slf restraint actually brought a smile to my face. Something to try and build on? We should all think about why we buy what we buy.


Sébastien Tellier‘s La Ritournelle is pretty timeless. Here is a nice little shake up with some help from Vicarious Bliss.

La Ritournelle (Reprise) (Vicarious Bliss vs. Sébastien Tellier)


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