A 56kbit/s Youth

January 3, 2009

When I first got the internet I was young and it was slow and it used the phone line and it was charged like any phone call. I spent maybe in total an hour a week in front of a computer screen. Now, it’s probably closer to 30 hours. If the internet was like it is now when I was younger would I be trying to add everyone in existence to a MySpace account? Would I have asked for Ableton lessons instead of the piano lessons and learned how to croche pink and yellow neon wool into a hat? Be a hip knitster. Maybe I could buy an electro shop,  never open it and live in it.

The sign would always say closed.

The sign would always say closed.

If I sleep around 40 hours a week that leaves another 98 hours to live. 14 travelling. 84 hours left. 40 spent working or studying. 44 hours left. What do I do with the rest? If the internet wasn’t real I would be outside in the sun and the rain. Maybe I would take up an interest in photography and take moody/stupid/real black and white photos.

Colour is overrated.

Colour is overrated.


Is 2K9 the time to be more or less alternative? This year I’ll get a flaming Xmas tree.




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