2K9 Thoughts

January 2, 2009

What do I want from this year? More of last year would be good but boring. Do I set targets now even though I don’t know what I want? I had vague targets last year and that worked. Do I go into more detail? What look(s) do I want to buy into? Should I learn to blog more or should I stop altogether? Maybe I should try and be more like Batman. He’s a good role model.



Should I start caring about things/causes/people more? If I go on       political rallies I’d cover my social conscience. If I donate                more £/$/¥ to charity will I have done good or would I just have paid someone else to do good? What if I help the six closest people to me and then they helped the six closest people to them, and again and again – Would the world be a better place?

With the world going into a money meltdown should I even go to work? Will this be the year minimum wage finally overtakes my pay? What will fill the Battlestar Galactica shaped hole in my life when it ends? Maybe I’ll talk to someone but then not tell them anything because spreading a thought is diluting a thought.

If talking about being sad helps us cope with those feelings maybe we should bottle up happiness and never tell anyone.


One comment

  1. I’ve gone for the more ambigious approach this year. In fact my only real goal is to move to London (if for whatever reason Birkbeck reject me I’ll sod off somewhere else).

    I like the thought behind the last sentence, but if happiness is infectious (apparently) then if you did wish to help the six closest people you’d need to glow with happiness.

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