You Remember The Nils? (Part II)

December 30, 2008

Superman returned. Batman began. We found Nemo. Spiderman spun 1, 2, 3 films and Star Wars continued too decline with Reloaded and Revolutions also loosing their shine. Indiana came out of retirement and the Simpsons starred in a movie. Bourne battled with Bond and The Lord of The Rings was brought to the big screen.

Good question.

Good question.

Greece brought home the Olympics. China held them on broken promises. Free Tibet. Free speech. ‘One World One Dream‘. Chelsea ushered in the decade the Premier League became the billionaires’ playground. Brazil won the World Cup followed by Italy four years later. Johnny Wilkinson England won the Rugby World Cup. Lewis Hamilton sang in the rain as he took the F1 World Championship.


The Dreamcast was discontinued. The Playstation 2 was unleashed. Microsoft arrived with their X-box with Master Chief. Nintendo had its GameCube and launched its Gameboy Advance. Gordon Freeman came back in 2K4 and World of Warcraft destroyed people’s lives. Then came the 360 and its RROD. The PS3 brought Blu-Ray and there was the little Wii that could.


Is Wii still a stupid name?

Is Wii still a stupid name?


Dawkins‘ extremist atheist preaching hit us in The God Delusion. Airport novels proved a big hit with The Da Vinci Code and Cormac McCarthy showed us The Road. Harry Potter continued and ended while Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell excited.

Preaching to the choir.

Preaching to the choir.


What will 2K9 bring? How will the ‘nils‘, ‘noughties‘ – how will this decade end? How will it be remembered?


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