This Year’s Danger

December 28, 2008

2K8 has been a pretty fucking fantastic year. I’ve gone through two IpODs a couple computers and four sets of headphones in my quest for music highs and this is my list of top 10 memorable music related things of 2K8.

10WESC HeadphonesBondo Art Series

After my waffer thin BOSE headphones broke I decided to go for headphones that weren’t so costly and at least looked good…failing that, ones that at least looked different.


They haven't broken...yet.

They haven't broken...yet.


9DatA Rapture

Maybe one day I’ll work out how to put music here.

8Justice Planisphere

You’ve probably all heard it, if not go listen to it.  A stomach grindingly fantastic twenty minutes. Should I be getting tired of Justice? Maybe… Am I? No. Do I care? Hell no.

7PhoenixTwenty One One Zero

Fantastic band. Great song. One of those I like listening to while walking home half drunk at 3 in the morning or just generally in the dark.

6.  DESIGNER DRUGSRemix of Jupiter One’s ‘Countdown’

5Shinichi Osawa – Remix of Plaid – ‘White’s Dream’

I didn’t know who the hell Shinishi Osawa was before 2008 but I sure do now. This is my Super Stardust HD music. It’s hypnotic. I love it. 

4Little BootsStuck on Repeat

Little Boots has been pretty sensational this year. I can only see her getting bigger in the next year.

3Sébastien Tellier – L’Amour Et La Violence

His latest album ‘Sexuality‘ came out and it was something else. All phenomenal songs but ‘L’Amour Et La Violence‘ takes the biscuit. I love the video. I’m seeing the man himself in January.

2Korg Kaossilator

I bought this little beast for someone to give to me for Xmas (I know, how thoughtful of me).

I hadn’t even got my grubby mits on it when I wrote this list but my excitment levels have placed this firmly at number 2.

1. Danger

Danger has been a revelation this year. I’ve literally loved everything I’ve heard and because of this he tops my list. This has been the backing music to my year which has been a beyond brilliant.

Danger’s remix of number 3’s ‘Divine‘ is… Well I need to see this man live. He seems to be avoiding London although Sod’s law says if he did come here I’d not notice until the tickets had sold out.



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